No exit gate for fire tenders at Noida's Express Zenith, say officials

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 09, 2019

Following a complaint from the residents, the officials from the city fire service department inspected fire fighting equipment installed at Express Zenith, a high-rise society in Sector 77, Noida. During the inspection, they found out the society don't have exit gate for fire tenders.  

A team, led by fire officer Kuldeep Singh, visited the society on Monday. They said the society has been developed according to the approved plan, in which there is only one gate, used for both entry and exit purposes.

The team further pointed out that generally there should be two gates so that the fire tenders, in case of mishaps, enter from one gate and exit from the other but the society lacks that basic facility.

The other fault the officials from the fire service department found was the developer has not tarred the space, which is normally used by these fire tenders to move the vehicle and come out from the society.

"Due to this, heavy fire tenders are likely to get imbalanced as it is not properly cemented. Moreover, the space available for fire tender turning is not enough," the officials said.

Except for these two major faults, fire equipment installed in the society were in order. They assured the residents these are functional and can be used in case of an emergency. 

There are other societies in Noida, whose residents have been complaining of more or less similar issues at their places.   

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