Noida’s Manav Rachna Int’l School denies breaking open locks of Sector 51 gate

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 12, 2019

Three days after the RWA of Noida’s Sector 51 filed a written police complaint against Manav Rachna International School (MRIS) alleging school’s guards of breaking open the locks of a society gate, the school administration on Friday denied the charges.

The administration said that it had nothing to do with the breaking of locks of the gate, which exits towards the internal road of Sector 51 next to the rearmost gate of the school.

Lovekesh Magu, executive director of MRIS, Sector 51, Noida, said that the allegation is baseless. “Neither the school nor the security guard forcibly opened the gate,” Magu said while addressing the media.

The school administration also played a recorded video clip, which showed general secretary of the RWA coming from the other side of the gate in question, and turning the locks towards the other side of the gate. Magu said that the gate used to be locked from the side of residential buildings in the Sector. “So, why did he turn the locks towards the other side?” he questioned.

He alleged that though the gate is locked from the side of Rhythm Play School, the general secretory of the RWA deliberately turned it to the other side while the generator set was getting replaced in the school.



On Tuesday, RWA of Sector-51 had given a written complaint to the Sector 49 Police Station alleging that the school's security guards and staff of hired crane service broke the locks of the gate.

Sanjeev Kumar, general secretary of RWA, Sector 51, complained to the police that they broke the locks to take the generator set in. He also alleged that the generator set was brought from the internal road, which is in the Sector.

However, Magu said that that the generator set was brought through the authorised gate, which is Gate No. 8, on the premises of school and the crane did not even go towards the gate in question.

He said that the school administration is ready to resolve the issue amicably if the RWA agrees for the same. He said that the school will put its sides and proof it has before the police and the school management will decided further course of action.

Meanwhile, the RWA has also written to the management of the school seeking time for a joint meeting of school management and RWA to resolve other problems faced by the residents of the Sector.

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