PHOTO KATHA: Hundreds participated in Tree-a-thon at Dwarka

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Apr 14, 2019

Hundreds of people participated in Tree-a-thon, a race and plantation event on Sunday at Dwarka. The race was organised by an NGO Kalpavriksha along with Radisson Hotel, Seniors Hub Dwarka and other community organisations. The theme of the event was health and environment.

Yogesh Agarwal, one of the organisers from Kalpvriksha said, “We organized this event in line with commitment to elevate society and spread awareness about environment and trees. This is one of the most unique running events which have happened in Delhi-NCR. We made people aware about how to maintain their fitness and how to save environment. Both the concepts were promoted.”

Senior citizens, children, youths, families, sports community groups and many more sports and environment enthusiasts participated in the event. Apart from race, there were many activities like dance, yoga, aerobics, music etc. which people enjoyed this morning.

Secretary of Seniors Hub Dwarka and a resident of Harsukh Apartments Sector 7, Ravi Jaitely participated in the event with his team of seniors. They planted trees and ran with a message for maintaining sound health. He said, “We enjoyed a lot at this event. Since yesterday, we were doing activities of plantation and we also did that today.”

People vowed to save trees and keep their health fit by running walking etc. They also adopted saplings for its proper upkeep.

NCC boys participated in the run

Sunil Kumar with wife Jayanti and two sons at tree-a-thon

Team of Seniors Hub from Dwarka on the occasion

Women and children enjoying aerobics session

Runners participating in race

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