Prateek Wisteria: Residents demand better management at society
Prateek Wisteria: Residents demand better management at society
Ramesh Kumar
Prateek Wisteria: Residents demand better management at society
Photo: City Spidey

Prateek Wisteria: Residents demand better management at society

Protesting against their body, residents of Prateek Westeria, a high rise apartment in Sector-77, Noida said that they will call bi-annual general body meeting to pass resolution for dissolution of the present Apartment Owners Association (AOA) if it fails to meet their demands. They alleged that the AOA is not working properly and transparent manner.

On Sunday, more than 75 residents from different residential towers in the society gathered to stage a protest against office bearers of AOA. They blamed that office bearers have become so arrogant that they are not ready to negotiate the shortcomings with other residents.

They took out a protest march and passed by all residential towers in the society. They raised slogans against office bearers asking them to disclose the balance sheets in front of the residents. They also urged them to bring maintenance charges down.

A resident said that the developer was making money by charging more from residents. But now, the society has been handed over to residents' body. So, the charges of common areas maintenance should come down. He said, “I was favouring the present AOA when handover was in progress. But they should have reduced the charges which were imposed by developer years ago.”

Responding to protesters, officer bearers termed them hungry for power. A resident, on condition of anonymity said that this issue should have been resolved within the society. But when it went out now, I would like to ask them, why they did not do anything for welfare of residents when they were in office for two consecutive terms in the past.

He alleged that they use the office to benefit only few residents while being in power.

He admitted that some wrong decision was taken as far as selection of agency was concerned. “We have suggested the same to present office bearers. They took corrective steps for security and services.” he added.

He said that it will take time to put these things in place. But they are going against wishes of many residents, who don't want such protest to take place in the society. He said that office bearers are taking time out for serving residents of the society. But they are still unhappy. “They may also leave the position and then we will see whether they are running it in better way,” he added.