I’puram: 32-year-old breaks ankles after attack from monkeys at Shipra Sun City

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Apr 14, 2019

A 32-year-old resident of Shipra Sun City broke ankles of both of his legs in an attempt to escape from an ambush by a bunch of monkeys on Saturday evening. With multiple fractures in the ankles, the victim has been put on a bed rest for three months atleast.

The incident happened around 5 pm when the victim, Ghanshyam Giri, was trying to reach the water tank of his flat, placed on the building's terrace.

“He was suddenly attacked by the monkeys while he was climbing the metal stairs accessing the building's terrace. Stepping down in a hurry, he fell down the stairs and got severely injured,” told Arti Deep, Giri's neighbor who arrived at the spot after hearing Giri's scream for help.

“Shocked and injured Giri, was lying on the floor and was unable to stand on his feet when I tried pulling him up,” Deep told.

“His wife and I immediately took him to a nearby hospital, where we were informed about his fractured ankles,” Deep added.

Meanwhile, the neighbours alleged lackadaisical attitude of Apartments Owners Association (AOA) of Shipra Sun City Phase I behind this incident. "For the last one week, Giri has been facing interruption in the water supply in his flat. He had complained to the AOA several times but the problem still continued. Therefore he himself had to go up and check the cause of interruption," Deep claimed.

Reacting on this, Aryan Rai, president of the AOA said that he has no knowledge of the incident or the complaints made by the victim so far. He, however, assured of strict actions. “I will check the records of his complaints, and if found true, would take strict actions against the staff,” said Rai.

However, the maintenance staff denied the allegations and told City Spidey that the plumber had paid visit several times to his house. “The problem was that his family frequently consumed water, which emptied the water tank, and as we run our pumps for 1.5 hours in morning and evening, his tank remained empty for the remaining time, giving him an impression of water interruption,” told a staff member on the condition of anonymity.

City Spidey tried speaking to the victim but he couldn't speak over the phone due to acute pain.

Ghanshyam Giri works as a software engineer and lives with his family on the second storey of his building.

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