Noida RG Residency: Builder removes upkeep staff, residents suffer

Posted: Apr 16, 2019

One of the upscale high rises in Noida’s Sector 120 – RG Residency – has literally turned into a garbage dump these days. The residents alleged that the builder has removed housekeeping staff from the society since Friday last week.

“It stinks now. There are no cleaning services in the society. It is pathetic. The staircases stink horribly and filth is lying everywhere. We are not living in a neat and clean society anymore,” said a resident of R G Residency. The residents and builder of the society have been at the loggerheads over the issue of maintenance charges.

The residents say that the entire society has become extremely unhygienic as there is garbage scattered everywhere – at staircases, in car parking lot and also in open areas.

"I wouldn’t have invested my hard-earned money in this luxury society had I known that we will end up living in such horrible conditions. In the absence of a housekeeping agency, there is waste lying everywhere," said an angry resident

The residents alleged that they had invested in the property to enjoy a peaceful life but that dream has been shattered by the high-handedness of the developer and maintenance agency.

Residents also complained that earlier last week, the developer had disconnected the power supply of all the flats. After which, the residents had registered a complaint with district administration. However, the developer had allegedly threatened them of adverse consequence for making the complaint, said the residents.

Following all this, Dipak Gupta, who was heading the project providing maintenance and cleaning services, was booked for threatening the residents. He was also booked for disrupting peace at the society.

Gupta was produced before City Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Mishra, who found him guilty of disconnecting the power supply to residents and sent him to jail.

Residents also alleged that the developer had deducted a share of money from their pre-paid account of electric meters, which is recharged by residents to access uninterrupted power supply at their homes. The city magistrate had also found Gupta guilty for violating rules, which clearly mention that amount used for refilling pre-paid meters can only be used for electricity consumption and power supply can't be stopped of any resident.

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