Orchid Garden: Prolonged water woes force residents to warn of election boycott

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 17, 2019

During the middle of the general elections, the residents of Orchid Garden has warned that they will not vote unless the water problem gets sorted out.

The residents have been struggling with water supply issues for last ten years. The residents have complained to the authorities regarding the issue but no significant work has been done in this direction.

Almost 318 families, which are affected by the water scarcity, have warned to boycott the election.

The society has been dependent on ground water for so long now. As a result, water table has also gone deeper making things more difficult for residents. The present supply of water is also of bad quality. The residents are forced to use bad quality water which puts them under risk for health hazards.

As per a resident of the society, the water problem has worsened over the years. “The Residents Welfare Association (RWA) has warned to boycott the election,” he added.

The RWA informed that a general body meeting will also be organised soon. All the residents will be taken onboard for the decision to boycott the elections. They have also accused the builder for not applying for Occupancy Certificate (OC) to the authorities. As the OC has not been issued, the builder has not applied for canal water supply connection.

The residents are also in frequent habit of getting water tanks to fulfill their needs when there is some problem with the groundwater supply.

RWA President of Orchid Garden, Vikas Kapoor, talking to City Spidey said, “We are struggling to get water supply connection as no one is actually ready to listen to us. “The resolution to boycott election will be put on table in the next general body meeting. If it is passed after the consent of the residents, we will not participate in the election,” he added.

On February 28 last year, the RWA had raise the issue on Chief Minister’s window but nothing was done in this regard. It’s been 10 years that 1400-1500 residents are using ground water supply causing water table to recede from 90 to 220 ft.

A resident explained, “The RO machines, installed at the flats within the society, get damaged in the span of 5-6 months due to high level of TDS. The crisis is hurting the residents both on the health and finance front.

Speaking to City Spidey, GMDA’s Executive Engineer, Sandeep Dahiya said that they do not have any information about water crisis at Orchid Garden. “If we get any application for water connection from the builder, then we will provide it to them. We have enough water to supply in the area,” he added.

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