High rise residents advised to take special care during storms at Delhi-NCR

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 18, 2019

The area of Delhi-NCR has seen sudden change in the weather with dust storms and thundershowers. It is expected to happen again on Thursday as well. People, especially the ones, who were affected during the last dust storm, are very alert this time.

The residents living in high rise societies are advised to take proper care of their belongings. In fact, several high rise societies in Delhi-NCR have issued advisories to the residents advising them how to tackle the situation in best possible manner.

It has also been seen that the residents living in the upper floors of the high rises are most vulnerable to the storms. They are advised to keep their belongings inside the apartment and also keep the glass doors and windows closed.

Alok Kumar, President of Federation of AOA said that they are alert after the fall of a unipole on the busy street of Indirapuram. “The incident could have been more dangerous if the unipole had falled during day time. I am going to write to District Magistrate to remove this type of illegal hoardings from Indirapuram area where over thousands of high rise residents live,” he added.

Gautam Kumar, AOA president of Grihpravesh, a high rise society in sector 77 said, “I sent a circular to all residents of the society to refrain from keeping their stuffs and clothes in balcony. People should remove flower pots from balcony as it could fall on any resident.”

Smiti Singh, a resident of Antriksh Forest said that resident of the society asked the builder to stop construction work going on inside the society for the last three days and also covered all items as per NGT rule. “If builder will not do this then we will complain with the concerned authorities against the developer,” she added.

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