GB Nagar: Builders to be held accountable for mosquito breeding at premises

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Apr 18, 2019

In a crackdown against the rampant breeding of mosquitoes, the malaria department of the Noida and Greater Authorities has been asked to mandatorily carry out inspections at the under-construction building to check whether the builder has a system in place to check it.

The authority has also decided developers’ roles according to which they will have to reveal the measures taken to stop breeding of mosquitoes at the premises. If any builder fails to take any steps in this direction then complaint can be filed against them.

Malaria department will be issuing certificates to the builder who have incorporated a system to check the breeding of mosquitoes inside the society.

But, the residents complained that rules are not being followed in the society. “I have been living here from three years and I have hardly seen officials visiting for inspection of mosquito breeding,” said a resident in Greater Noida West.

As sources claimed, so far, no certificates have been issued by the malaria department. But it will now be mandatory from April. As per the information, the malaria department has also formed a team to implement this. This will be applicable to all the private as well as government buildings.

The buildings, which has not taken certificate, will be marked by the department for inspection. They will be penalised if larvae of mosquitoes are found at the premises.

The builders will now have to apply for certificates from the malaria department. It will only be issued after inspection at the sites.

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