Flat possession issue: Jaypee Group tries to regain buyers' consensus, fails!

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Apr 19, 2019

Angered over the delay in possession of their flats, a section of home buyers on Friday staged a hunger strike outside Jaypee business school, Noida, boycotting the meeting called by the real estate group to regain consensus over the issue.

The meet, called by chairman Manoj Gaur, to regain buyers' confidence in their project failed as protesting home buyers rejected the proposal presented before them to deliver their flats in next three and a half years.

However, the founder of the realty group, Jaiprakash Gaur, made an emotional appeal to the buyers, admitting it is his company's responsibility to hand over the keys of their homes. He added saying that he is not fleeing away and people should back the group by giving them another chance to live up to their expectations.

But home buyers, being the sufferers, questioned his appeal for obvious reasons.

“How can we trust and believe them when our concerns were not addressed in the past 10 years. I mean they want another 3 to 4 years! What were they doing since 2015? The date of resolution is going to expire on May 6. We are not going to support them anymore,” agitated buyers added.

Buyers want that National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and Suraksha to take the ownership of the project instead of Jaypee Group if they get at least 66 per cent vote. Jaypee, on the other hand, said that it would like to take the project in its hand if these two fail to gain that much vote.

“The developer called the meeting to convey all of us that we should not vote for above-mentioned companies. This is the reason they are asking for our support. But we will back them who will take care of our interests," SP Mittal, a home buyer, concluded.

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