Dwarka: Pitch-dark service lanes in Sector 5 become commuter’s nightmare
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Dwarka: Pitch-dark service lanes in Sector 5 become commuter’s nightmare

Dark and desolate service lanes in Sector 5, especially from DDA SFS flats to Mansarovar Apartments, pose a threat to residents and commuters.

Dwarka: Pitch-dark service lanes in Sector 5 become commuter’s nightmare

Defunt streetlights, dark and desolate roads, hooligans loitering in the area often passing lewd comments on women commuters – these aptly describe the service lanes of Dwarka Sector 5, especially the stretch from DDA SFS flats to Mansarovar Apartments.

The residents say that almost a kilomtre of the road is pitch dark and the situation has been like this for some time now. Neither civic authorities like DDA and MCD, nor anyone else is bothered to do something about it.

Just a few days back, burglars had reportedly entered into two flats in Dwarka’s Sector 5 DDA SFS flats while their occupants were away.

Numerous cases of chain snatching and thefts of wheels, batteries and stereo system from cars have been reported in the past from the area, said the residents and RWA members of the societies.

Mahesh Gupta, general secretary of RWA of DDA SFS flats, said, “The roads here are very dark and unsafe. There are no lights and anybody passing through is constantly under fear. We have complained about the issue to BSES, DDA and SDMC and even raised the matter in police-public meetings, but there is no solution in sight.”

Gupta further added that the area is unsafe as men loitering around here are always drunk. “There have been so many cases where women residents of our society have been eve-teased or their mobile, gold-chain and purses have been snatched by miscreants,” he said.

To ease the situation, a few societies like Kesarvani Apartments, Mansarovar Apartments, Vivekanand Apartments and Ganinath Nikunj Apartments have installed some lights at their boundary walls but that is not enough. AR Shukla, president of Ganinath Nikunj Apartments, said, “Though we have installed some bulbs in the area, this is not a solution as the road needs to be properly illuminated.”

Meanwhile, police officials also said that the civic authorities have been made aware of many such dark lanes across the sub city but nothing concrete has been done so far.