GDA plans smart footpaths for pedestrians, cyclists

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 21, 2019

The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has come up with an initiative to make smart footpaths for the pedestrians in the city. This new initiative has come as a breath of fresh air especially when footpaths have historically been ignored.

A GDA official informed that smart mobility is safer for pedestrians, cyclists and differently-abled. Under this new plan, there will be enough space for pedestrians and also demarcated bicycle lanes. This types of footpaths were also constructed at Bangalore and Pune.

GDA Town Planner, Istiyak Ahmad said, “A GDA team had earlier visited Bangalore to study the model. They were very impressed with the smart footpaths.”

“The GDA will now finalise the locations were smart footpaths will be built. A survey will be conducted to find the locations. After the selection of locations, the GDA will make the budget and send it to the authorities for approval,” another official said.

GDA is also planning to start a drive against parking of vehicles at the footpaths. This will be taken care of by the traffic department of the city.

A resident of Olive County, Hemant Raichand said, “It is seen many times that two-wheelers use the footpaths. The faulty design of footpaths allows them to do so. The authorities should plug such holes.”

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