Dwarka residents form human chain to protest against DDA’s upcoming theme park

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 22, 2019

The campaign started by residents and environment activists in Dwarka against the construction of a theme park by DDA at the green ‘forest’ area in Sector 20 is surely gaining momentum.

Around 150 to 200 residents gathered outside the Bharat Vandana Prangan Project site in Sector 20 on Sunday and formed a human chain raising slogans demanding scrapping of the project.

Standing on the road outside Bharat Vandana Udyan near Marble Market in Sector 20, the participants held hands to form a human chain as part of the demonstration. They raised slogans against the authorities and also made passersby aware about the issue.

Members of several volunteer organisations like Green Circle Dwarka, Seniors Hub, Dwarka Forum, Indian Medical Association (Dwarka), Guru Singh Sabha, Natural Heritage First and Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi participated in the event. Apart from residents of different group housing societies from the sub city, pradhan of Tapa 17 (a panchayat of 17 villages), and locals from villages of Ambrahi, Kakrola, Shahbad Mohamadpur, Dhul Siras, Pochanpur and Bagdola took part in the demonstation.


Around 200 residents formed a human chain and raised slogans demanding scrapping of the project.


The campaigners have now decided to seek an appointment with lieutenant governor to apprise him of the issue. They have also decided to conduct a mini marathon and regular events to highlight the cause further.

Diwan Singh, convenor of Bharat Vandana Van Bachao Abhiyan and a resident of Sector 23, said, “We need to differentiate between greenery in a park and a green forest. A forest is a provider, whereas a park is a consumer of resources. A forest has much more capacity to clean the air and recharge groundwater in comparison to a park. South Delhi has better air than rest of Delhi due to the presence of Ridge forest.  DDA must start thinking about health of Delhiites rather than destroying the greens.”

He further added that the theme park will destroy the natural habitat of wildlife in the area like Nilgai, monitor lizard, hundreds of peacocks, hare and tortoise.

A member of Dwarka Forum said that Delhiites need forest and green area and not a theme park. “This is a disastrous step as it will further add to the already high levels of air pollution in the city,” he added.

“Being close to the international airport, Dwarka already records high air pollution levels. And now this decision to build a theme park in place of a dense green area is an extremely bad step,” said a resident.

An online signature campaign has been started by Bharat Vandana Van Bachao Abhiyan group. “The campaign received more than 500 signatures on the first day from all over India. We are getting overwhelming support for the campaign,” said Singh.

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