Earth Day: Tanwar points at the dire need of dealing with groundwater depletion

By City Spidey
Photo: Facebook.com
Posted: Apr 22, 2019

People from all over the globe are observing World Earth Day 2019 on Monday. In the words of United Nations, the objective of World Earth Day is to remind people about their responsibilities to sustain the planet Earth and its ecosystem.

It focuses towards the importance of promoting harmony with nature and striking a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects of the planet.

As we observe the day with all seriousness, it is very important to look into one of the perennial issues of Delhi-NCR which is groundwater depletion. It is happening very fast in the hugely populated area and no one is really taking onus to address the issue.

Seeing the gravity of the problem, City Spidey had earlier talked in detail with an environmentalist Ramveer Tanwar who discussed the problem and suggested ways to combat the situation. He also focused on revival of choked ponds in the state.

The present situation has led to severe drinking water shortage in the area. The fast depletion continued in last two decades making things worse for the people in living the city. At present, almost 90 per cent of the city has been categorised as semi-critical or critical.

Last year, the Central Ground Water Board had stated that water levels have been steadily declining at all its 20 monitoring stations in the city.

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