“Let’s pledge to celebrate everyday as Earth Day!”
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“Let’s pledge to celebrate everyday as Earth Day!”

Ravi Jaitely, secretary of volunteer organisation Seniors Hub Dwarka, feels that environment conservation efforts will only have an impact if we can keep the momentum going throughout the year.

“Let’s pledge to celebrate everyday as Earth Day!”

Each year millions of people across the globe celebrate Earth Day on April 22 – an annual event that highlights the various environment-related issues – and vow to focus on conservation and green efforts.

The residents of Dwarka have also been doing their small share of responsibility on this day every year. So, have been the members of our small organisation – Seniors Hub Dwarka.

This year the theme of the Earth Day – Protect Our Species – focuses on helping endangered and threatened species. I seriously feel that all environment-related issues that we are facing today such as climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides are directly or indirectly linked to the uncontrolled human activity.

For years, we have indulged in unprecedented global destruction and ignored rapid depletion of plant life and wildlife. And now we need to make amends. And that too fast, before it’s too late.

With that thought in mind, the volunteers of Seniors Hub, along with other residents, planted trees, organised talks and delivered lectures to spread awareness about the importance of these environment-related issues on the Earth Day.

A community event was held at the district park of Sector 19 where everyone planted a tree. The event was organized by Centre For Sight and saw participants from RWAs, NGOs and even school children from RD Rajpal School in Sector 9.

Afterwards, the members of Seniors Hub and Morning Walker’s Club gathered at Shyam Vatika Park in Sector 7 and watered the plants. The members also took the pledge to take care of these plants by watering them regularly.

While it seems like a small effort that is not going to have much impact on the deteriorated situation but I feel that these small efforts go a long way in changing the mindset of people and inspire them to work for a better tomorrow. Let’s hope that we can keep up these efforts throughout the year and celebrate every day as Earth Day!