Dwarka: Residents’ bodies embark on voter awareness campaigns
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Dwarka: Residents’ bodies embark on voter awareness campaigns

Different residents’ bodies are sensitising people on the importance of voting in their own ways.

Dwarka: Residents’ bodies embark on voter awareness campaigns

As the elections draw closer, many residents’ bodies like – Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs), Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS), Dwarka Forum, Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together (ANHLGT), Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS) – have started putting efforts towards encouraging people to vote in the Dwarka area.

The voting will be conducted on May 12 during Phase 6 of the 17th Lok Sabha elections. Different bodies are sensitising people on the importance of voting in their own ways. 

They are committed towards increasing voter percentage during the upcoming elections. These bodies are conducting meetings, issuing circulars, using social media platforms and direct mails for making people aware about the importance of voting.

President of ANHLGT and a resident of Sheetal Vihar Apartments, Cicily Kodiyan said, “We are going to start activities in societies across Dwarka from tomorrow focussing community women. We will be at Airlines Apartments in Sector 23 tomorrow.”

SDKS, a resident body of senior citizens, has already started the campaign. They have planned to discuss the importance of the voting in their meetings and gatherings. 

President of SDKS and a resident of Dream Apartments, Shashi Kapoor said, “We regularly meet in the park to discuss different subjects. Voting is a major subject these days. We have already started the campaign by spreading the messages through WhatsApp groups.”

Dwarka Forum, a resident body of Dwarka has also been carrying out such campaigns in the sub city. Ahead of the election, they are making the community aware about the voting rights and encouraging people to go for voting. 

President of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Netaji Subhash Apartments, Sushil Kumar said, “We always make the community aware about the voting rights. We have started sending mails. More initiatives are in the pipeline and it will be implemented from next week. We are encouraging people through WhatsApp messages and soft cards. We hope that voting percentage reaches 100 percent at this year’s elections at the sub city.”

As per the available data and social observers, the voter turnout has been low from the societies during earlier elections conducted in the city. This time the RWAs and managing committees are serious about increasing voting percentage.

Treasurer of Lovely Home Apartments, Vishal Gupta said, “We have more than 300 votes and this time we want 100 per cent voter turnout. For that, we have already started talking with the people. This subject will also be discussed in the meeting and a circular will be sent mentioning voting rights.”

There are also active citizens who are making all kinds of efforts to make community aware about the voting rights. A social activist and resident of Crescent Apartments, Madhu Dagar is one such individual making the locality aware about importance of voting.

She said, “I always talk about the voting rights in the meetings and during morning or evening walk at the park. This is our democratic right and we must use it. I appeal to the people of Dwarka that if each individual would appeal to at least one person to vote then there will be higher percentage of polling from Dwarka.”