EDMC fined for delay in bio methanation plant at Ghazipur area
EDMC fined for delay in bio methanation plant at Ghazipur area
Praveen Dwivedi
EDMC fined for delay in bio methanation plant at Ghazipur area
Photo: Samrat Roy

EDMC fined for delay in bio methanation plant at Ghazipur area

The Ghazipur area in East Delhi has been notorious for foul smells emanating from the slaughter house and landfill. The situation is so bad that it is really a tough challenge for people to cross through the area. The residents who are living in nearby areas have no other option but to live with the persistent stink.

As the things are increasing getting out of control, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has taken action against the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). DPCC has imposed a fine of Rs 50 Lakh to EDMC for delaying set up of a bio methanation plant which is required to control the stink in the area.

Ghazipur slaughterhouse was set up in 2009. Ever since then, 50 metric tonnes of animal paunch waste – stomach contents of ruminants like buffalo, sheep and goat – are produced on a daily basis. As per a data, around 7,000 animals are butchered every day at the Ghazipur slaughterhouse.

Currently, the animal paunch, which is acidic in nature and the main source of the stink in the area, are dumped without any treatment at the Ghazipur landfill area.

The DPCC has been reminding the EDMC to immediately set up a plant for a long time. Now, with the notice, things are expected to get better, and people anticipate that there will be hard action on the ground in the direction of setting up of the bio methanation plant.

However, the EDMC defended themselves by saying that they had floated the tender twice to rope in technical expertise for the setting up of plant but it got delayed due to many reasons including model code of conduct for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Meanwhile, the EDMC has requested DPCC to waive off the fine imposed for delay in setting up of the plant. “Procedure to setup bio-methanation plant is on but it got delayed due to not fixing of bidder to provide services,” said a senior official in EDMC.

The residents are ecstatic that something of this sort has happened. They were of the view that the process to set up plant should be expedited and necessary actions should be taken from the EDMC without any delay.

They expressed hope that with the setting up of the plant, they will be finally breathing clear air free from stinks. A resident living in the area said, “If we get clean air free from methane, then nothing like this. We are at high risk of health hazards due to the contaminated air. We are forced to live with it. Any steps in the direction of setting up of plant is welcome.”

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