After frightening ordeal, boy gets phobia of elevators at Ajnara Homes

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Posted: Apr 24, 2019

There is no denying that elevators should be maintained properly at the high rises as people are heavily dependent on it to reach at their flats. But, despite this, many incidents of its malfunction have been reported from various high rises causing a sense of dissatisfaction among residents.

In one such incident, a 10-year-old boy, Ayush Tiwari got stuck in an elevator for fifteen minutes at Ajnara Homes in Greater Noida West. Panicked by the ordeal, the boy is now having phobia of elevators.

The boy took the elevator after coming back from sports session. He intended to reach at his flat on 21st floor but the elevator fell and reached basement area. It got stuck there for fifteen minutes.

As there was nobody else in the elevator, the boy got frightened. There was nobody who could have pacified the boy. The boy had no idea what to do to escape from the situation. However, hearing the scream from the boy, a resident informed the management about the situation. Soon, the rescue work started.

When the door opened, he immediately pushed off from the elevator. The boy was shivering with fear and started crying. The boy broke down again when he met his father. “Now, the boy is hesitating to take elevators and always seek company while going into the elevator,” said father.

The residents living in the society have become circumspect after the incident. A resident living in the society cross checked the elevator after the incident. He found that lift was not stopping at the level of the floor.

Residents complained that there have been problems with the lifts for last one year. Despite complaints with the management, situation has not improved.

“There have been frequent mishaps in the elevators. Auto Rescue Device (ARD) is not working properly. With the onset of summer, power load has increased. It can also create problems in the future,” said Dinkar Pandey, a resident of the society.

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Dipankar Chatterjee

Posted 5 months ago

Most of the lift Companies use low cost materials from different small suppliers and fix those with non technical mistry only. Workmanship also too poor. Lift Licence board inspectors take Bribes and pass them. Victims are the users. Stop it. Check the sensor connection by crimping with lugs only. Drawings must be available at site.