GreNo: Traffic public address system restarts at Pari Chowk

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 26, 2019

A public address system related to traffic management, which was non-functional for last few months, was made operational near Pari Chowk at Greater Noida on Friday. It was an initiative of a group of active residents who wanted to smoothen vehicular movement in the vicinity.

Witnessing day-to-day traffic snarls, wrong side driving and random parking, the residents had installed loud speakers to manage the situation. It was also connected to the Pari Chowk police station.

“It helps traffic police in making any announcement to the vehicle drivers in case of violations. Traffic police get access of the present situation through CCTV footages. They also make announcements from police stations,” said Harender Bhati, a resident from the area.

It was serving its purpose until electricity wire connecting the loud speakers was disconnected by unidentified persons. Now, a group of active citizens, who had introduced the idea, made it operational again by fixing the problem.

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