Hyundai Santro car stolen from La Gratia Mall at Crossings Republik

By Ankit Shah
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: May 01, 2019

A silver Hyundai Santro was stolen on Tuesday night while it was parked in front of Easyday store near La Gratia Mall at Crossings Republik in Ghaziabad.

The owner of the car, Krishna Kumar, had parked his vehicle and went into the store to buy some stuffs. He came out after 10-15 minutes only to find that his car was stolen. Kumar filed an FIR at Vijay Nagar police station.

Kumar said, “I went inside the store to buy some stuffs after parking the vehicle. When I came out, my car had disappeared. I immediately went to nearby police station but the response was not prompt. Then, I contacted a senior police official known to me. He advised me to lodge an FIR at Vijay Nagar police station.”

The victim informed that a copy of FIR was given to him on Wednesday morning. He said, “The police station in-charge assured me that necessary actions will be taken.”

Kumar said that he himself checked the CCTV footage available at the store and found that a person entered his car and took it away towards the nearby village. He said, “The footage was not very clear due to long distance and poor quality of camera but the car was clearly identifiable.”

The police have registered a complaint under Section 379 (Punishment for theft).

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