GreNo West: FoB at Gaur intersection to come up soon following residents' demand

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Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 02, 2019

Following the complaints made by the residents, the Greater Noida Authority has decided to construct a foot overbridge (FoB) at Gaur intersection. The planning department has commenced work in this regard.

Residents of the nearby sectors have been demanding the department concerned for an FoB as they are facing difficulties while crossing the bustling intersection. The construction work related to this foot over bridge is expected to be completed soon.

Why is the need?

Gaur intersection, also known as Kisan Chowk, is one of the major ones in Greater Noida West. Located right in the centre, it connects the road leading to Noida City Centre, the metro line extended from Sector 71 and Surajpur where it separates the road into a service lane behind which there are several residential societies and malls.

Commuters from NH-24, Parthala area, Surajpur, and Cherry County use the roundabout, making it busy and dangerous during daytime and evening.

Talking to City Spidey on this subject, Noida's Sector 74 resident Amit Kumar said, “It becomes really difficult for the walkers, especially aged people while crossing the road, be it during daytime or evening. Besides, lack of a foot overbridge may invite major mishaps at any given day! I tried to know the details about the FoBs which are to be constructed across the area but the authority concerned did not disclose any names.”

Manish Kumar, another resident of Greater Noida West, who demanded an FoB said he through the Integrated Grievances Redress System (IGRS) portal, too asked the GreNo authority to provide details of the areas across the city where FoBs are to be constructed. The authority, in reply, did admit that a total of five foot overbridges have been approved but did not give out the names other than Gaur intersection.

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