Wasting water to cost you in Gurugram
Wasting water to cost you in Gurugram
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Wasting water to cost you in Gurugram
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Wasting water to cost you in Gurugram

Now, wasting water in Gurugram can cost you dearly. In an order announced on Thursday, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) said that strict action will be taken against those found wasting water.

In a bid to suffice the supply of water and curb wastage of water in the city, the MCG has decided to levy fine on violators. A maximum limit of Rs 1,000 has been decided for residential units, while for commercial units, the limit has been set at Rs 5,000, stated a report published in TOI.

According to the officials at MCG, strict action will be taken against people who are found misusing water while washing cars or gardening purposes or even those turning a blind eye to overflowing of water.

According to the notice, a defaulter will be charged Rs 500 for the first time in residential units, and Rs 1,000 for a repeat violation.

The MCG order states, “To curb the practice of extravagant use and wastage of water and to meet the increasing demand apropos the supply and consumption, a person or institution found wasting water by way of car washing, overflowing wilfully and negligently misusing/wasting of water, will be put under the ambit of action mentioned under Section 180 and 181 of Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994. If a person or institution does not mend his or their ways and continues to waste water, the water connection of such person or institution may be disconnected.”

The issue of rampant water wastage was brought to the notice of the MCG commissioner by R S Rathee, MCG councillor of Ward 34.

“On Wednesday morning, we noticed as many as 28 people washing cars and balconies with water pipes in DLF 1. We were shocked to see that water was being wasted by residents during peak summer when there is already a shortage in the city. We reported it to the MCG commissioner. We are glad that he immediately released such strict order.”

The MCG squads who are already looking after regulation of plastic use, defacement of public property and regulation of street vendors in their jurisdiction have been directed to check water wastage also.