GreNo West: Seeing inaction from authority, residents volunteer to clean roads

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 05, 2019

The state of service lanes at Greater Noida West is so bad that people get a feeling that they are passing through a field. It happens because of the dust which comes up from the road when vehicles pass through it.

These roads are often used by school buses. The buses get disappeared in the dust while passing through it. There was no action despite many complaints made to the concerned authorities.

At last, the residents, who were associated with Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA), took the responsibility of fixing the issues with the roads in their own hands.

They called tankers to sprinkle water on roads. JCB machines were used to take out the dust accumulated on the road. On the other hand, more than 50 people worked themselves to improve roads.

It took three weeks to clear the dust from the road. But, the enthusiasm of people did not come down. They had decided to stop only when the road will start becoming visible. In the end, they were successful in cleaning the roads.  

But it is now responsibility of the Authority to ban movement of vehicles carrying soils on these roads.

The cleaning activity will continue next week as well. The volunteers will now move to some other location at the Greater Noida West area. Their intention is to make the city clean.

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