RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Dhalao made in Dwarka's Sec 16B needs immediate attention'

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 06, 2019

The dhalao (large three-walled concrete structures used for garbage collection) built near Studio Apartments (Sector 16B) has become a nuisance for the residents living across the area as it has converted into a landfill now, creating unhygienic conditions. Due to its poor management, there are possible chances for locals getting affected by various vector-borne diseases. Besides, huge heaps of waste getting dumped at the spot without proper disposal create a foul, stinking smell which makes the situation more annoying for the people residing in the area.

Though a dhalao was made a couple of years back under the Clean India mission to manage the garbage collected in the area, its 'maintenance' seems to have failed the purpose of its existence. An iron door was installed in order to contain the waste but to no avail. The size of the dhalao is small to cater to the entire area. As a result, the waste gets spread, making the place a dumping yard.

Sanitation workers of the civic body concerned and others clear the area regularly as trucks transport the waste to the respective dumping sites but this dhalao, not being in use on a regular basis, aggravates the situation. 

Therefore, we as the residents of the area, through City Spidey demand the South Delhi Municipal Corporation to look into the matter and do the needful. 

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