Dog menace forces residents to caution prospective buyers at Ajnara Integrity

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 06, 2019

Frustrated with frequent dog related incidents, the residents of Ajnara Integrity have decided to caution the prospective home buyers about the prevailing situation in the society. 

“We are suffering from this situation and we don't want others to face it,” residents said.

The residents have decided to soon raise banners at their balconies stating - “Think before buying home in Ajnara Integrity. Dogs live here.”
According to residents, the society has become a den of stray dogs and the residents feel a lot of inconvenience. The dogs chase, attack and bite the residents frequently.

“Last night, when I was parking my car at the basement, 6-7 dogs surrounded the car and started barking. I was with my wife and daughter. We waited for 10 minutes inside the car and stepped out only when they dogs went away,” said Venkatesh Kumar, an AOA member of the society

“Their (dogs) count is over 50, imagine!” another resident commented.

AOA told City Spidey that the absence of boundary between phase I and II of the society is the reason behind the current situation. “Phase II is under construction and because of it, there is a freeway to the stray dogs to enter the phase I,” said Nitin Tyagi, president of the AOA.

Meanwhile, the AOA had conducted several meetings with the builder to address the issue and even received assurance from the builder about a solution. But there was no action on ground to improve the situation.

“8 days ago, AOA had a meeting where the builder had promised to construct a boundary between Phase I and under construction phase II of the society. However, days after, the promise is yet to be fulfilled,” Tyagi said.

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