Gurugram: GMDA pipeline near Pioneer Park damaged by ‘tanker mafia’
Gurugram: GMDA pipeline near Pioneer Park damaged by ‘tanker mafia’
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Gurugram: GMDA pipeline near Pioneer Park damaged by ‘tanker mafia’
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Gurugram: GMDA pipeline near Pioneer Park damaged by ‘tanker mafia’

In yet another case of water mafia trying to sabotage water supply to housing societies in Gurugram, the master water pipeline of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) was damaged on Friday night near Pioneer Park in Sector 61.

Just three days after the authority was commissioned to start canal water supply for residents living in Sectors 58 to 67, the water mafia damaged the GMDA pipeline.

Though the pipeline was repaired by the GMDA, it took them 24 hours and Rs 1.5 lakh to restore the water supply by Sunday morning, stated a TOI report.

Earlier, these pipelines were connected by the GMDA with the Chandu Budhera water treatment plant (WTP).

The authority had commissioned a supply of 100 million litres daily (MLD) of canal water on April 30 from the WTP for these areas, which had been deprived of government-supplied canal water.

The residents said that they have already paid external and internal development charges to the Haryana government through their respective builders but still they are being denied supply water.

The residents who had moved to these newly developed sectors have been waiting for a long time for canal water supply from the authority. It was finally commissioned on April 30.

“The GMDA’s newly commissioned pipeline was sabotaged by the water mafia just three days after it was commissioned. The leakage continued for many hours. We have lodged complaint against the mafia with the authority and they need to register a police case. The water mafia has been puncturing the water supply line of our society and this needs to stop,” said a resident of Pioneer Park, Sector 61.

 “We will soon register a police complaint. We will take action against the water tanker mafia,” said Lalit Arora, chief engineer, GMDA.

This is not the first-time water mafia has tried to damage water supply to a society. On February 19, a police complaint was lodged by ATS Kocoon, a residential housing society in Sector 109, against two persons for sabotaging their canal water pipeline, forcing the society to buy tanker water.