Emaar Palm Drive organises sports fesival to encourage fitness among residents

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 07, 2019

Understanding the importance of fitness in this competitive world, the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Emaar Palm Drive, Gurugram, is helping its citizens in this very important facet of life. They started its annual sports festival with this objective last year.

This year, the second edition of sports festival was started on April 20 with a grand opening ceremony. Omendra Singh, the Shooting Champion of International fame, was the chief guest. It concluded on May 5 with a closing ceremony where the victory stand and medal presentation took place.

The festival saw more than 950 residents registering for 90 events and 10 games. There were more than 370 medals up for grabs. The events were planned in a nice way to allow participation of residents from the age group of 5 years up to 70+ years. The residents also celebrated the successful completion of the event with music and good food.

Emaar Palm Drive event committee conducted this event. A core group of volunteers, who are residents of Palm Drive, coordinated and managed the events with utmost sincerity. The core group of volunteers are passionate about fitness and feel that community sports events not only contribute to the well being of people but also promote good will among the residents. 

While on one side, the young and growing up residents of the society got an opportunity to compete in sports right next to their doors, the senior residents of the society enjoyed competing in the events and challenged themselves to step up on the fitness ladder.

All the residents who have participated in the events and those who made excellent and passionate audience, have contributed to the yet another successful edition of Emaar Palm Drive Sports Festival.

According to Nitin Sirohi, a member of the RWA, “These events are organised by a group of core volunteer residents to promote fitness and bring the community together in competition and celebration.”

Suresh Thakran, who is a resident of Emaar Palm Drive, is a fitness enthusiast and also one of the lead volunteers for the sports festival. He said, “It is a very heartening fact and a positive sign that the number of participants in this year’s sports festival has grown significantly compared to the previous year’s event. This shows that the residents of the society are ready to put on their shoes and bring out the best sports person inside them.”

“Palm Drive residents also played a graceful and encouraging audience - the community reverberated with shouts of encouragement and the applauses bringing a lot of positivity in the environment. We want to make the future editions of this unique sports festival even bigger,” he added.

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