Noida: Ganga water supply likely to be cut from May 10

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 07, 2019

The Noida Authority on Tuesday said that Ganga water supply is likely to be cut in many residential sectors from May 10 onwards for the next ten days. It informed that the supply will be partially affected due to the development works to be carried out at nearby Delhi-Meerut Expressway.

"Currently, the alignment of the pipelines laid is not proper. Therefore, we will be replacing it with the new ones," said BM Pokhriyal (DGM), Noida Authority.

The Authority said that the city receives Ganga water supply from treatment plants in Ghaziabad through underground pipelines. 

Two lines, which includes one of 50 cusec and other of 100 cusecs, cross below the expressway, which is under construction presently. It needs to replace the old pipeline for some distance to match the alignment. 

The development work will be carried out from May 10 to 25. Some areas may face low pressure of Ganga water supply as supply from one pipeline will be disturbed until the work gets completed. Once the development work is over within the given period of ten days, the supply will be normalised in all the sectors of the city.

Currently, there is a supply of a mix of Ganga and groundwater to residents living in different sectors. They may not get full supply with high pressure or may go through a shortage of water supply for the said period of time. Residents will have to be prepared to make arrangements for the storage of water in advance.

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