Want to get your pet groomed but don't have time? Read this!
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Want to get your pet groomed but don't have time? Read this!

Currently, people of Sector 14 in Gurugram are availing its services.

Want to get your pet groomed but don't have time? Read this!

In this fast-paced world, everyone is so busy. Taking out time for oneself is getting difficult with each passing day so is the case with pets. Due to hectic work-life schedule, pet owners don't get time to look after their cute, adorable darlings. But don't worry, where there is a will there is a way and it comes in the form of a mobile grooming van called 'Wags N Wheels'. It is currently catering its services to the people of Sector 14 in Gurugram.

Started by Sudha Chandran in the year 2017, it proves to be a good option for many. "The motto is to provide convenience to the working pet owners. They just have to get an appointment and our van will be at their doorsteps to groom their poochies," Chandran told City Spidey.

Talking about her company and work, she added saying, "Most of our business comes from local pet owners across Gurugram. Ours is a privately-owned company and it is not associated with any animal welfare groups in any manner. Besides, we generally don't take help from the local NGOs."

On asking how different and unique is her company than others operating in the city, Chandran claimed, "Yes, there are several rendering their services across Gurugram but because we have professionally-trained staff and we offer services worthy of money, we managed to attract 1000 customers and that too in one year! Clients, who started availing our services since its launch, are still connected with us. Interestingly, it all happened through word of mouth!"

Sudha is very optimistic that her customer base would increase in the future as it is a new concept for the people of the city to get gradually aware of.

Speaking to City Spidey, Neeta Tara Gupta was all praises for this pet grooming service. She said, "I highly recommend Wags N Wheels! It was a highly satisfactory experience getting my dog groomed. I must say the team is well-trained. My pet Buzo, a Saint Bernard, was handled and groomed really well."

"The package was really very cost effective too, keeping in mind the services included in the package. The van is connected with a webcam, an air conditioner installed separately for the Spa. It was hassle-free grooming of my pet, that too at my doorstep,” Tara concluded.