GreNo: Parents raise voice against Ryan school mgmt over tuition fee hike

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 11, 2019

Parents of children studying in Ryan International School, Greater Noida on Saturday complained against the school management, alleging it has hiked the tuition fee.

As informed, the parents in a meeting with the principal, opposed the decision of fee hike by the school management and demanded to withdraw it. 

Yogesh Bhagaur, one of the parents said, “The school management has fixed composite fee of Rs 21500 and Rs 1000 exam fee quarterly which is now costing us around Rs 7500 per month against Rs 5900 per month we paid last academic year.”

Bhaguar further alleged the school management had increased fee for which the parents had opposed but it could heed on their voice. “Last year Rs 900 was increased for tuition fee and we had also paid Rs 8900 as the annual fee,” he added.

Ajay Singh, another parent talking to City Spidey said, “As the school has been barred from increasing in its annual fee by the UP Government’s rules, Ryan International School management has tactically added it in composite fee to cover their annual fee.”

Aggrieved parents have also complained to the district administration of Gautam Buddh Nagar and sought intervention on this issue. 

“Now the school has revised the fee but again it is higher compared to the annual fee decided earlier. School has added approx Rs 3000 quarterly as composite fee plus Rs 1000 exam fee as quarterly,” a letter written to the District Magistrate of GB Nagar by parents read.

City Spidey, through its sources, learned the school principal has called the agitating parents for a meeting on May 21 to discuss the issue.

According to Manoj Kataria, a member of All Noida School Parents' Association (ANSPA), many schools have been found flouting Uttar Pradesh Self-Financed Independent Schools (Regulation of Fee) 2018.

"The new rule of the UP government on fee issue has divided fees charges into five categories- Admission or Registration Fee, Composite Fee, Optional Fee, Examination Fee, and Security Fee,” Kataria added.

Last month, the District Magistrate of GB Nagar had stated the schools can revise the fee only after consulting with the administration.

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