A tribute to moms of these high scorers from Dwarka
A tribute to moms of these high scorers from Dwarka
Akhilesh Pandey
A tribute to moms of these high scorers from Dwarka Saskhi Anand with her mother

A tribute to moms of these high scorers from Dwarka

This past week we celebrated many young brains who scored exceptionally well in the recently declared Class X and XII results. Their stories talked about their hard work, effort and dedication but let’s take a step back and applaud their real source of strength – their mothers.

Here are the stories of two young girls and their mothers from Dwarka who have done exceptionally well despite all odds.


Sakshi Anand, NK Bagrodia Public School Sector 4 (96% in Class XII with humanities)

A resident of Heritage Tower CGHS in Sector 3, Sakshi gives the credit for her success to her mother Namitha Chaudhry. “She is not just my mother but a mentor, teacher, councillor and above all a guiding force. She has always been there for me whenever I’ve needed her – giving me company in my late-night study sessions, holding my hand through failures and celebrating my success. I am grateful to have a mother like her,” said Sakshi beaming with pride.


Shruti Anand, JM International School in Sector 6 (98% in Class X)



Shruti’s mother, Soma Anand, has been battling complex health issues for the last eight years but that hasn’t stopped her from supporting and helping her daughter achieve new heights.

In fact, it is Soma’s love for discipline and reading, said Shruti, that has helped her achieve the high score. “My mom first introduced me to books and serious reading when I was three. She has always inspired me to read stories, biographies to increase my confidence level,” said Shruti.

“She has always taken extra care to see that I wasn’t wasting my time watching TV and movies, and instead focused on studies. This has helped me tremendously,” added Shruti. She had to repeat Class 9th because of her mother’s ill health and also missed on the first four months of class X session.

Talking to City Spidey, a proud Soma said, “I am very happy with the performance of my daughter and I pray for her bright future.”