Many people spotted with mothers at polling booths in Dwarka

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 12, 2019

It was a double celebration at Dwarka on Sunday as both Mother’s Day and Lok Sabha elections happened on the same day. People were seen taking their mothers to polling booths to cast votes. Be it first time voters or the relatively senior people, many were seen walking with their mothers to the polling stations.

Padam Jain, a resident of Sector 13, went to cast his vote taking his 94 years old mother to the booth at MRV School at Sector 13. He said that voting with mother was a really wonderful experience.

After casting his vote, he shared a photograph with his mother on different social media platforms. He said, “I shared the photograph to inspire people to go for vote with their mothers. I am happy that I did it today.” Many people were also seen taking entire family to the polling booths. It was a common sight at the polling stations.

Vishal Gupta, the treasurer of Lovely Home Apartments, Sector 5, went to vote with his mother and wife. He too shared a selfie. He said, “My mother was not in best of health today, yet, I took her for voting. I am very happy that I did it for her and the Mother India.”

People from social groups and societies also went in groups for voting. Morning Walker’s Club members at Sector 7, Senior Hub Dwarka etc went in groups and shared their photographs. Besides, couples were also seen in good numbers at the booths. First time voters were excited and youths were seen in groups.

Vishal Gupta taking a selfie with his mother and wife after voting

First time voters from Lovely Home Apartments

A group of residents of Harsukh Apartments posing for a photograph after voting

Mukesh Singh with his wife Neelam Singh taking selfie in front of the polling booth

A family posing for a photograph in happy mood after voting

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