Zen and the art of discussing spirituality
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Zen and the art of discussing spirituality

Every month, Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi organises spirituality sessions for the older residents to discuss and share their ideas on various topics.

Zen and the art of discussing spirituality

In Dwarka, if you ever happen to come across a group of people sitting in a park, enjoying the summer breeze and having poignant discussions, I'd suggest you join them.

The social organisation Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS) are the ones behind these monthly sessions. Either on the last or second last Saturday of the month, the sessions see residents from all across Dwarka come together to share their views on spiritual matters.

This Saturday's session was held at the Sector 22 district park, behind Manish mall, and saw people coming from societies such as Sadbhavna, Chitrakoot, Nav Sansad Vihar, Dream, Airlines, Sheetal Vihar and Shaman Apartments. There were three topics of discussion: Sarve Hitay Karm, Basics of spirituality and Spirituality and Secularism.

"We had Jagmohan Mishra, former secretary of GOI, Parminder Khetrapal, joint secretary SDKS and Ashok Sharma talk about the three topics," said DC Mathur, secretary, SDKS. "It was a great session, with people asking lots of questions."

The discussions are both a means to share thoughts on the spiritual aspect of life and to help senior residents have something meaningful to look forward to.

"Anybody can take part in the sessions," said PB Mishra, general secretary of SDKS and a resident of Chitrakoot Apartments, Sector 22. "Last month we discussed 'spiritual needs of a person', which was convened by Anil Upadhyay, an SDKS member."

The topics for the next session are decided in advance, to ensure people get enough time to prepare on them. 

"It is really interesting to prepare for a topic," said SS Mann, vice president of SDKS and a resident of Sadbhavna Apartments, Sector 22. "Not only is it something to look forward to, but also a means of discovering one's self, as we dig deep into each topic. Thinking about these things change you as a person."

According to SDKS, speakers are often from the group itself.

“Anybody can become speaker if he/she has the desire to do so. It is an open platform where people are urged to share their feelings and ideas,” said president of SDKS and a resident of Dream Apartments, Sector 22, SK Kapoor.