Indirapuram: Aditya Mega City shows the way in utilising waste RO water

Priyanka Rana with AOA president Munish Jain
By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 13, 2019

Setting an example for others, the Apartment Owners' Association of Aditya Mega City, a high-rise in Indirapuram's Vaibhav Khand, has come up with a technique due to which 75 per cent of the discarded RO water can be saved and utilised. Currently, the AOA is saving 400-500 litres of water every day for this purpose.

Talking to City Spidey regarding this, president of the AOA Munish Jain said, “We in mid-April thought of doing something to use the wastewater. Well, it no longer remains potable but can be utilised in other works like housekeeping, cleaning vehicles and horticulture.”

“We did a trial on 14 flats of a single row. RO pipes, carrying the rejected water, were attached with another pipe. That pipe was extended and passed down through a shaft to connect it with a 300 litres water tank. Well, the trial was successful and we would implement it in all the flats of the society,” said Priyanka Rana, a member of the AOA.

An amount of Rs 6000 was invested to get the trials done.

“It would cost Rs 6-7 lakh if it has to be implemented in the entire society. I would make an appeal to other RWAs as well,” Jain said.

Though FedAOA chief Alok Kumar lauded the efforts made by the AOA, he seemed skeptical about it.

“We too had implemented the same in our society but when we tried to water plants, we observed that it had started wilting. Similarly, paint on the vehicles started corroding, forcing us to stop utilising it,” Kumar added.

However, he concluded saying this technique should be implemented in all the societies so that they can use it as per their requirement.



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