GB Nagar: Filling stations to deny fuel if found without helmet

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 15, 2019

Starting June, you will not be able to get your bike refilled at fuel stations if you are not wearing helmets. Attendants at the refilling centers will deny from giving fuel as Section 129 of Motor vehicle Act, 1988 is being strictly enforced. As per the Act, wearing helmet is compulsory while riding bike on roads.

To implement it effectively, the district administration of Noida and Greater Noida convened a joint meeting of administration and petrol pump owners association to decide on necessary steps which need to be initiated before it is enforced strictly in these cities.

The district magistrate, BN Singh told that the association agreed to cooperate with the administration for enforcement of the rules. He said that it will be effective from June 1 onwards in the district. This is the date after which, bike riders will be returned from the filling centers if they are not wearing helmets.

Before enforcement comes into place, the association will put awareness materials at their respective petrol pumps or refilling stations. Aiming at reducing fatalities on roads, wearing a helmet was made compulsory for riders as well as pillion riders.

Under Section 188 of IPC, riding without wearing a helmet is an offense and offender can be sent jail for the period of six months. The district administration also advised owners association that they should put the refilling stations under remote surveillance. 

It was advised to keep record of any altercation which happens at refilling stations when riders are denied fuel. Singh said that in case of fight, the footage will be scanned and action will be taken against the offenders.

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