Read about Shailja Chandar- a Dwarkaite, beauty pageant finalist and what not!
Read about Shailja Chandar- a Dwarkaite, beauty pageant finalist and what not!
Akhilesh Pandey
Read about Shailja Chandar- a Dwarkaite, beauty pageant finalist and what not! Shailja Chandar (Posing in the middle)
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Read about Shailja Chandar- a Dwarkaite, beauty pageant finalist and what not!

Women are known for their multitasking skills. There are so many people across the country who, due to their contributions in a specific subject or field, have led the society by example. One such lady is Shailja Chandar, who has secured a place in the finals of “Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2019” despite donning many hats.

Aged 47, Shailja is a resident of Sri Ganesh Cooperative Housing Society (Sector 7), Dwarka. Besides being a mother of two sons, she is a teacher at Venkateshwar International School (Sector 18), a housemaker, a great cook and an artist too! She calls herself a 'wanderer by choice and a designer by chance'. Leading a happy and content life with better half Vivek, Shailja says she loves to carry out innovations in whatever she does.

Amid the preparations for the final to be held in Greece this October, Shailja shared her views on the personal feat, womanhood, life and its values in general with City Spidey.

City Spidey: How did you get to know about the contest? Who inspired you to participate in it?

Shailja: Well, as they say, variety is the spice of life and I wanted to try something new where I could even rediscover myself. I met people from different walks of life, travelled to various places due to which I landed up giving auditions for the 'Haute Mrs India Worldwide 2019' on March 3 this year. My friend Ritu Vashisht and my husband Vivek Chandar motivated me to take part in the contest.

City Spidey: How did you prepare for it?

Shailja: Frankly speaking, I did no preparation as never in my dreams I was aware that I am going to land up in such a big international beauty pageant. I just went, gave my introduction, walked the ramp, thanks to online videos. In the talent round, I performed on a famous Rajasthani song 'Ghumar'. Here, I would like to mention and give credit to two people- Bhupinder Gangani and Tripta who took out their precious time and taught me a few steps a day before the auditions.

City Spidey: Share your feelings as a mother and a finalist of the beauty contest

Shailja: Well, I am feeling at the top of the world right now! I am proud of the fact that my two sons- Satvik (21) and Aryamik (19) are doing well in their life. This whole journey of beauty contest will surely help me grow as an individual. It is not only about one's beauty, age or youthful appearance but it is about grace, self-belief and inner strength. I carry these qualities and wish to nurture them further. I wish to continue to add more meaning to whatever I do. This platform is surely going to bring me closer to that one person which is "ME".

City Spidey: Any special message for the mothers?

Shailja: Just want to say that all mothers are queens in all aspects! Age is no bar to chase your dreams, do what you love to do, follow your dreams. Also, as mothers, it is your duty to raise your children as good human beings. As they say, God cannot be everywhere so he created mothers. Just believe in yourself and the world will be yours!

City Spidey: What is your success mantra?

Shailja: Being simple and having confidence in oneself is the key to success. Crown or no crown, I will be still a Queen because there is no one like me. Besides, be good and do good. Be humble and gratitude should be your attitude. You are the creator of your own destiny. So, work hard and give your best shot to feel happy and content.

City Spidey: Lastly, what is your aim in life?

Shailja: My aim is to help people discover happiness, inner peace, and beauty in them. We need to create that positivity in every person around us. All of us must remember that we have within us the strength, the patience and the passion to reach the sky.