Short spell of rain causes water accumulation inside flats at Ajnara Le Garden

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 15, 2019

It's an irony today that despite investing a lot of money into high rises, people don't get the robust facilities which were promised to them at the time of selling of the property. In one such case, the residents of Ajnara Le Garden, a residential society in Greater Noida West, faced torrid time during a spell of rain on Wednesday morning.

As the rain began to fall, water started entering into the rooms of the apartments. It happened because the drainage system had failed at the society. All the pipes which drains the water were found to be chocked.

After entering into the rooms, water passed on to the living rooms and then to the corridor of the building. The corridor got inundated because of the choked pipes.

People had no option but to break the pipes to drain the water on to lower floors.

Due to this situation, there was a lot of chaos in the society. People were also inconvenienced because the phone was not working at the maintenance office. Moreover, the maintenance staffs were absent at the office.

People had to personally go to the office to apprise them about the situation. The chaos also affected the people as they were getting ready to go to their offices in the morning and most of them got delayed because of the situation.

“Even light shower caused flood like situation in flats. This is the reality. After lot of promises made by the developer, we had to find out who is responsible for this. It is a serious issue that such things are happening in newly developed societies,” said a resident of the society on condition of anonymity.

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