GreNo Authority mulls direct metro connectivity to Delhi

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 16, 2019

Aqua Line was inaugurated with a lot of hope as it looked like people of Greater Noida will benefit greatly from it. But, four months down the line, the ridership figures are not encouraging. The prime reason behind it is considered to be lack of direct connectivity to Delhi.

Now, to address this issue, the Greater Noida Authority has prepared a new plan. Under this, it has planned to connect Sector 142 to Okhla Bird Sanctuary. By doing this, there will be direct connectivity to Delhi from Greater Noida.

The move is expected to increase the people's influx into Greater Noida and minimise the losses of Noida-Greater Noida Line.

The operations of Aqua Line started on January 25. The travel time between Noida and Greater Noida via metro is presently around 50 minutes. People shell out Rs 50 for this ride. On the other hand, by spending Rs 27, people travel from Noida to Greater Noida in 30-35 minutes.

It has been found that people avoid to take Aqua Line because of lack of connectivity from Noida City Centre station. 

The new plan to connect Sector 142 to Okhla Bird Sanctuary will be proposed by the Authority in the next board meeting. After that, it will be sent to Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC). 

However, as it was informed, the Noida Authority had already prepared detailed project report (DPR) of this plan five years back. As per the plan, the length of the new line would be 11 km and there will be 6 metro stations enroute. It will start from Sector 94. The other stations would be Sector 125, 98, 108, 91 and 142. 

However, it is yet to be decided that whether this DPR will be used or other DPR will be prepared. The Greater Noida Authority believes that the new route will save time and money for the people going towards Delhi.

"Good connectivity is the demand of people living here. Announcement regarding the metro connectivity is being made every now and then but when exactly we will get this facility is still uncertain. Whenever elections come, metro projects would come in the news," said Pawan Kumar, a resident of Greater Noida West.

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