Open letter to Noida Authority CEO on ‘high-handed’ attitude of officials
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Open letter to Noida Authority CEO on ‘high-handed’ attitude of officials

A resident of Sector 137 writes to the chief executive officer, Alok Tandon, drawing attention to the “arrogant” attitude of the offices of general manager and chief architect and town planner (CAP) at Noida authority.

Open letter to Noida Authority CEO on ‘high-handed’ attitude of officials

I want to draw your attention towards the high-handed attitude of the office of general manager of Noida Authority, KK Agarwal, and chief architect and town planner (CAP). The staff of both these offices is highly incompetent, who just believes in making tall claims and delivering nothing.

They are either not interested in doing any work or carry on with activities that aren’t aligned with the interest of general public.

I feel that this is happening because their interest is more aligned towards builders and authorities in Lucknow. I have personally seen their prompt reaction towards requests coming from Lucknow or builders.

I had recently visited the office of CAP and was appalled by the behavior of their staff. It felt as if the entire office was controlled by builder's middlemen.

I had filed a complaint with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and this is when I found that the staff at general manager’s office, including KK Agarwal, tried to conceal facts and were reluctant to act. They just want to sit in their air-conditioned offices and do nothing for the interest of Noida residents.

In the past I have noticed that not much attention is paid to the requests of the chosen representatives of general public – MLAs and MP. This is because people working in these offices are corrupt and work for the vested interests of builders.

I seriously believe that time has come to do away with Noida Authority and establish municipal corporation for the city – something that has been requested earlier also by the residents.