No solution in sight to dangerous hanging cables, wires in Dwarka
No solution in sight to dangerous hanging cables, wires in Dwarka
Akhilesh Pandey
No solution in sight to dangerous hanging cables, wires in Dwarka
Photo: City Spidey

No solution in sight to dangerous hanging cables, wires in Dwarka

One of most planned cities in Delhi, Dwarka, is yet to find a solution to the hanging cables and wires on the roads. Despite the subject being highlighted in media and the follow-ups being done by the RWAs and other resident bodies of the area, such hanging wires were not removed. 

The wires and cables are mostly at the intersections and on the main roads tied from one electric pole to another or one tree to another. Such wires and cables are hanging in such a manner that they could trap any commuter and lead to accident. 

President of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Netaji Subhash Apartments in Sector 13, Sushil Kumar said, “We did several follow-ups but all went in vein. This is happening because when the authorities want to remove those wires then the residents come and stop.” 

“They do this because they have either the internet connection or cable connection through these wires. Although such hanging of wires and cables are illegal, yet it is difficult to remove unless there is any participation and support from the RWAs and the residents of the area,” he added.

Overhead cables and internet wires are not the only problem but also the problem is the wires and cables lying on the roads near junctions and intersections mainly. Such wires can be seen over the head across the city along the roads using the street light poles. At many places these wires are hanging over the heads right in the middle of the roads posing threat of accidents mainly for bikers.

Radhika Menon, a resident of Sector 5 said, “I have seen such wires along master plan road 201 and 202. The condition is pathetic as these two roads are the busiest roads having markets and residential pockets. Authority should take action against those who do this activity. Mostly the wires are of cable network and internet providers.”

From Ashirwad Chowk towards Sector 6 Market, it seems that there is a net of such wires over the road. The wires are also kept by the operators deliberately so that they could use anytime. The wires are inviting danger to the pedestrians and the commuters on the roads as anyone could tangle in them and fall.

At some of the places the wires have been kept on ground just at the middle of the zebra crossings. PK Mishra, a resident of Chitrakoot Apartments in Sector 22 said, “They claim that pedestrian paths are safe while they let these wires lying on zebra crossings. This is ridiculous. Traffic and civic department should act together and ensure that no such wires would be there.”

Community people said that the practice of using infrastructure of DDA, SDMC and BSES by the private cable and internet operators are known to them but they did not take action. On the subject, Deputy General Manager, Street Light, BSES Dwarka, SK Dagar said, “We take action to clear the poles. Also, we have written a letter to MCD and DDA to take the subject into concern.”