Mobile snatching incidents on the rise in Dwarka
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Mobile snatching incidents on the rise in Dwarka

Residents say that walking on the streets has become a nightmare as miscreants are on the prowl even in the broad daylight.

Mobile snatching incidents on the rise in Dwarka

The incidents of mobile phone snatching are on the rise in Dwarka, especially on internal roads and back lanes where the traffic is less and the miscreants are able to escape easily.

There has been an alarming increase in the number of such cases recently. The residents say that walking without fear on shady lanes as well as busy streets has become a challenge as miscreants are on the prowl even in the broad daylight.

Shruti Singh, a resident of Sector 13, recently became a victim of such crime while she was walking in the lane next to her society. She was on her phone and walking towards the park when all of a sudden someone snatched her mobile.

“I could not even react. Two boys approached me and snatched my mobile and before I could even realise what had happened, they fled,” she said.

In a reality check by City Spidey, it was found that such incidents are happening more in areas around Sectors 3, 4, 13, 24, 16 and 17, as the roads here are secluded with less traffic. Victims are often caught off guard while walking or travelling in rickshaws.

A few incidents were recently reported from the stretch between Sector 3 and Dwarka Mod and near Sector 14 Metro Station.

Sunita Mishra, a resident of Sector 3, recently became a victim of mobile snatching while going to the post office in NSIT. “I was talking on phone while travelling in a rickshaw. Two boys on bike snatched my phone and fled. It all happened in a matter of few seconds,” said Sunita.

In other incident, a resident of Radhika Apartments in Sector 14 was attacked and her phone snatched away just in front of the society gate.

A high number of such incidents have been reported from secluded stretches near Sector 3 police chowki towards Dwarka Mod; while going towards Sector 14 Metro Station from Sectors 3 and 13; between Sambhav Chowk and Radhika and Om Apartments; from Sector 14 Metro Station towards Sector 17 Peepal Apartments; and between Sarvhit Apartments and Sector 16B.

Police said that they are carrying out frequent patrolling in all these stretches but warned residents to stay alert.