Soon, robots may clean sewers in Greater Noida
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Soon, robots may clean sewers in Greater Noida

Greater Noida Authority is planning to buy robots developed by a group of students from Hyderabad.

Soon, robots may clean sewers in Greater Noida

In a bid to eliminate manual cleaning of sewers, the Greater Noida Authority has decided to use robots for cleaning sewers. The authority is planning to buy robotic machines from Hyderabad.

The decision has been driven by several recent cases reported from Delhi-NCR where sanitation workers have died while cleaning septic tanks and manholes.

The authority will present a proposal in the upcoming board meeting.

The model for robots has been prepared by a group of students from Hyderabad who have already patented it. The authority plans to purchase these machines from them.

Chief executive officer of Greater Noida Authority, Narendra Bhooshan, said that preparations are in full swing to ensure better management of garbage, sewer and other debris. He added that the authority is also planning to make changes in the policies regarding waste disposal.

At present, the sewage workers need to step inside sewers to clean them, which can lead to suffocation from toxic gases and death. Hopefully, introduction of robotic machines will change that.

Cleaning of sewers with the help of robots has already started in Gurugram from March this year. These robots get inside the sewers and take the waste out of it with the help of its hands.