Time to ensure foolproof verification...
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Time to ensure foolproof verification...

FedAOA met senior members of I'puram AOAs to discuss ways to improve the tenant and domestic help verification process yesterday.

Time to ensure foolproof verification...

The recent fake verification form showing Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi as a domestic help that surfaced in Indirapuram, has forced AOAs of the area to pull up their socks.

Representatives of FedAOA met senior members of Indirapuram AOAs to discuss the issue of proper verification of tenants and domestic helps. The meeting was held yesterday at the FedAOA office at Ahinsa Khand II. 

AOA representatives brought along several verification forms from their respective societies. While going through them, several forms were found to be lacking complete details of either the employer or the employee.

Ashok Kumar, president of ATS Haciendas AOA, pointed out an earlier incident, where miscreants had taken up a flat on rent with the help of fake documents. They had later killed a resident.

"The AOA should at least make a few phone calls and dig out whatever details are available before accepting or hiring a person," said Sadhna Sharma, general secretary of Exotica Elegance AOA.

The following points were agreed upon to streamline the verification process: 

  • Proper verification of local as well as permanent addresses of domestic staff needs to be done.
  • Verification of original documents along with copies of proper ID proof would be mandatory.
  • AOA will keep fingerprint records along with copies of verified ID and address proofs.
  • Police and local administration are to create a digital database for verified domestic employees, which can be accessed by residents and AOA for reference.
  • All applications verified by the police must be registered in a diary and the forms must carry registration numbers.

Speaking to City Spidey, Alok Kumar, President of FedAOA, said, that lack of proper verification could lead to serious security lapse in a society. "We are going to approach the SSP with all the incomplete forms we found. We will present our demands and draw his attention towards the problem," added Kumar.