Dwarka: Two cars collide at intersection due to defunct signal

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 18, 2019

Two cars dangerously collided at Sector 12/13 intersection on Friday night in Dwarka. According to an eye witness of the accident, Ramesh Mumukshu, a private car collided with a cab due to defunct signal.

“I was going with my friend on bike on that route. Suddenly, I saw that collision. The car which hit the other car was a taxi. Soon people from the area gathered and we rescued the people from the car which was hit,” he said.

“Though there were five persons including four girls and one boy in the car, yet no one got seriously injured fortunately. Ambulance arrived soon and all of them were taken to the hospital,” he added.

According to Mumukshu, the signal was blinking at the time of the accident. “It seemed that the signal got stuck due to technical fault and that was creating confusion. Signals should be properly maintained otherwise such accidents could prove fatal.”

Recently, a collision happened at the crossing of Sector 4/5 (Lovely Intersection) in which a biker was hit by a car. Onlookers also expressed that the signals were not working properly at that time which created confusion and accident happened.

Such irregular and defunct signals are a common sight in Dwarka. Everyday people write to the traffic police about defunct signals. But the irony is that the situation does not improve. RWAs, social organisations and individuals are regularly raising the problem of maintenance of signals in Dwarka but the issue is not properly addressed.

Member of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Nav Sansad Vihar, Sector 22, Rejimon CK has been writing on the subject to the concerned authority regarding maintenance of the signals in the area.

He said, “This must be dealt with strict hand. The maintenance company is some private company and they should do proper monitoring. Traffic police should keep it in serious concern and ensure that the signals work smoothly and properly.”

On the subject, traffic officials said that they are taking the subject into concern and doing the needful.

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