Dwarka residents perform 'shramdaan' for revival of water body

Posted: May 19, 2019

The residents of Dwarka devoted this Sunday morning for a good cause.

Early morning, the residents carried out cleaning and awareness drive at water body in Sector 7 near Gokul Garden. With an aim to work for conservation and protection of environment, the residents carried out multiple activities at the spot.

The event – titled Shramdaan – was organized by social organization, Sukarman, which has been actively working in the field of environment conservation.

Sumit Maluja, founder of Sukarman and a resident of Appu Enclave in Sector 11, said, “Under this campaign, we will work on improving the state of water bodies in the city. After Sector 7, we will move on to more such spots.”

“Our objectives are divided into four parts – capacity increment through digging and surface area increment, unclogging the rainwater drains and linking them to the catchment area, removal of public gym that has been installed inside and plantation around the pond once rest of the work is finished. We are also seeking support from agencies to meet these objectives before the arrival of monsoon in the city,” said Maluja.

The residents participating in the event expressed that they would carry on with the efforts till the objectives are reached. Vishal Gupta, a resident of Sector 5, said, “I enjoyed shramdaan today. This is just a beginning and we aim to achieve bigger goals.”

Ravi Jaitely, another participant from Harsukh Apartments, said, “This is a wonderful initiative. We will thoroughly support it.”

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