Stray menace: Ajnara Integrity residents knock on human rights commission’s door

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 21, 2019

Troubled with continuous attacks of stray dogs in the society and lackadaisical attitude of civic authorities in tackling such cases, the residents of Ajnara Integrity, a high-rise in Raj Nagar Extension, have written to the Human Rights Commission complaining that canine rights are superseding their human rights.

Through the letter, the residents have raised concerns over the inefficiency of law enforcement bodies, Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC), intimidation by dog lovers and misuse of the law.

The letter is written in the wake of the incident that happened on May 14, when two groups of residents in the society fought with each other and lodged two FIRs against 45 people. This had happened after a team of GMC had reached the society to catch strays after receiving complaints of dog bites.

"Moreover, police and district administration discriminate against us. On May 14, FIR by dog lovers was lodged instantly but only assurances were given to us," a resident said on the condition of anonymity.

In the letter, they have claimed that human lives are at risk because of attacks by stray dogs. They claimed that around 35-40 strays are presently living in the society and have become a cause of mental disturbance for the residents.

“Due to stray dog menace, our kids have stopped playing in the society park. Women and senior citizens have stopped taking their morning and evening walks. They are so terrorized by the pack of dogs that they can't even walk, run or play freely," the letter read.

The letter also alleged dog lovers living the society for not cooperating with the residents. “They are against sterilization and vaccination. They are against feeding strays in a particular zone. They don't abide by any laws,” the letter alleged.

“We can't even take any action for our kids' safety as we are bound by laws and also dog lovers threaten us in the name of PETA, police, People For Animals and Maneka Gandhi," a resident said.

Assigned by GMC, People For Animals is the agency which looks after the sterilization and vaccination of stray animals in Ghaziabad. Maneka Gandhi, union cabinet minister, is chairperson of PFA.

The letter also cited May 14 incident and alleged that dog lovers are responsible for the escalation followed.

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