Fight for their fall continues in Dwarka
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Fight for their fall continues in Dwarka

Residents send out strong signals against mobile towers in parks.

Fight for their fall continues in Dwarka

Residents of Dwarka have joined hands to protest against the installation of mobile towers in the city’s parks. Recently, one such protest was carried out by residents of Sector 22 and 23 at park number 4 in Sector 23.

"Members of Sukh Dukh ke Sathi and Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get Together joined forces to dismantle the GI-sheet structure installed by a contractor. We demanded that the contractor stops work,” said SL Langar, a resident of Green Tower Apartments (Sector 23) and pioneer of the protest.

According to him, a letter had been sent to the higher officials of DDA to look into the matter. People were also planning to meet the vice-chairman of the authority in this regard.

“We are going to meet the chief engineer and the vice-chairman of DDA,” said Langar. “We will request them to provide an alternative site for the installation of the tower. Our only demand is that the towers should not be installed in parks,” said Langar.

Residents told City Spidey that Chennai high court had asked TRAI to find out alternatives to these towers.

“There are substitutes available,” said Langar. “DDA cannot continue to instal these towers. They are a health risk.”

Various such protests have been carried out since 2014. Residents have managed to stop the installation of mobile towers at several locations across Dwarka. There have been several campaigns to spread awareness about the health risk of mobile towers.

“We initiated the campaign through FORWA in 2014,” said secretary-general of Federation of RWAs, Sector 9 (FORWA). “We support the campaign being carried out by the residents of Sectors 22 and 23.”