Is anyone responsible for the leaking DJB pipelines in Dwarka?
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Is anyone responsible for the leaking DJB pipelines in Dwarka?

More than a year has passed since CM's  assurance in 2018 February. Nothing has changed. Neither the leakage nor the DJB. 

Is anyone responsible for the leaking DJB pipelines in Dwarka?

Water Shortage and crisis is a common story of Dwarka almost every summer. Still, there is neither much public cognisance to protect and conserve this critical resource not there is some accountability or consciousness in the department that handles and delivers it - Delhi Jal Board. 

 On the incipience of the world environment week, CitySpidey during the routine round of the sub-city, Dwarka find out various pain points and no one answerable of the leaking pipes and overflowing water tanks.  

Leaking and damaged pipelines are a common sight in the sub-city.  A resident of Crescent Apartments Sector 18A, Madhu Dagar is an everyday observer of the leakage from a major DJB pipeline in her area. She made sure to notify it to the concerned authority as part of her duty many times. But, the wastage of water is still there. 

" I am a prime witness to the callous and unresponsible behaviour of the DJB staff and authority towards such rampant water wastage. For more than six months such a major pipeline is leaking in front of Kargil Apartments, Sector 18 but no one from the DJB is bothered.  Apart from this major pipeline, a couple of places near my society and in and around Sector 12 there is leakage from DJB pipelines. Nothing moves them actually," said disappointed Ms Dagar. 

An environment activist working on water conservation in the area, Diwan Singh shared, “ Delhi Jal Board could actually save lakhs of litre water if they intend to just by doing simple steps like constant monitoring and immediate repair of the leaking pipelines. Strict action should be taken by DJB higher officials and government against those who are responsible for the leakages and overflows.Once stringent execution is there, officials and common people will  take it seriously.”

Only DJB cannot be held responsible for water wastages, Dwarka residents are equally culpable. Water could be seen overflowing in many  DDA pockets and use of booster pumps is another source to this blatant wastage of vital resource. 

General secretary of RWA of Sector 16B, Studio Apartments, Ramesh Mumukshu expressed his uneasiness with us.
 “Everyday millions of litre of fresh water is being drained out without any reason. This is an offence and should be dealt with strictly. DJB at least should put a check on the overflow of tanks and use of booster pumps.”

 During one of the visits to Dwarka, Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, who is also the president of DJB in February 2018 was questioned by some environment activists for the same water wastage problem and its management.  The CM on the spot assured and directed the officials to ensure that no wastage of water should be there in future in the area. 

More than a year has passed since his directive, the condition is still the same and nothing has changed. Neither the leakage nor the DJB. 

Sunita Verma, a resident of Sector 10, Dwarka expressed her anger, “There is no value of the assurance of CM as well on saving water and its management. Its because the area representatives are not serious about this issue. They need to be educated on water conservation then only will they be able to help.”