Can you spot a traffic light here?
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Can you spot a traffic light here?

Our lensman couldn't, until a resident pointed out this signal hidden behind a leafy cover at Noida's Sector 39 intersection.

Can you spot a traffic light here?

The traffic signal near Sector 39, Noida, is hidden behind the thick foliage of overgrown trees around it. Commuters face problems while passing through the intersection as the signal is hardly visible. The problem aggravates during peak hours, when there is a rush of vehicles at the intersection.

Sachin Singh, a daily commuter, told City Spidey, that it was almost impossible to make out whether the traffic signal was green or red. "The fact that there is no traffic personnel at the crossing makes the problem particularly dangerous for commuters," he added. 

The signal is even less visible when the light is green.

"The traffic lights are impossible to make out when green," said Abhishek Gupta, another commuter. "The green light blends in with the leaves." 

Vatsala Parashar, president of Sector 39 RWA, told City Spidey that they had written a letter to the forest department of Noida last month. Nothing has been done to solve the problem as yet. 

When contacted, Sudhir Kumar, the regional forest officer, said, that the overgrown tree will be pruned within the next ten days, which would solve the problem.