Elections over but garbage related issues are not in Dwarka!

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 27, 2019

Residents across Dwarka have been struggling with several civic issues for the past several years; waste management and its disposal is one of them. Many written complaints have been made and news reports were published in the past to highlight the issue but unfortunately, no permanent solution has been provided by the authorities or civic bodies concerned till date.

In this video, City Spidey shows actual scenes from Sector 14 of the sub-city. All sorts of garbage can be seen dumped on roadsides, along the back lane opposite to which residential societies are there. 

The civic agency concerned is expected to manage the waste in a proper manner on a regular basis but that does not seem to be happening. In order to dispose of dumped waste, piles of garbage get burnt. As a result, trees get damaged in this process, affecting the environment.

Like any other elections, local representatives from the government, this time too, promised to deliver but fail to resolve this long-pending issue which has been a serious concern for the people of the area.

The important question is - when and how this issue will be resolved?




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